Stage Rigging & Suspension

Stage rigging & suspension primary used is to support the stage-lighting system and to suspend and shift stage scenery. Stage curtains, backdrops, and heavier framed scenes pieces are example of scenery raised and lowered by the rigging.

Stage Rigging can be fix, manually operated or motorized, and serves many purposes.

There are many aspect to consider when designing a stage rigging like the total load weight allowed, secondary support structure, fix or motorized type and finally the safety of the audience and stage performers below.

Custom Design Stage Rigging System

You need an experienced rigging installer and/or a structural engineer should be involved if the rigging is complex, for design and installation stage. Artistic Controls has been in this field for more than 10 years and we offers complete line of stage rigging solution and hoists equipment.

We can custom built rigging tailored to your venue requirement from motorised lighting bar and self climbing hoists to custom design secondary support suspension system and full management and engineering services.

Apart from supplying custom installation we work closely with rigging and staging manufacturer and local metal fabricator to provide the right expertise.

We have installed stage rigging system in theaters, auditorium, schools and churches.

Motorised Lighting Bar

We supply motorised lighting bar with single pipe or double pipe for heavy duty application. Designed with the highest standards of construction using MS 48 mm tube.

Chain Hoist & Truss

Electric chain hoists or chain motors with trusses can be custom design and install for production studio, theater and TV Studio.

Self Climbing Hoist

Onboard motor self-climbing hoist to raise and lower lighting fixtures. Provides easy and fast access to install and service studio lighting fixtures.

Studio Pipe Grids

Normally configured in 4’ x 4’ sections, the pipe grid can be used to suspend stage lighting, tracks, scenery. Ideal for production studio, black box theaters, TV and News studio.

Talk to Us Of Your Stage Rigging Requirement

Our team of knowledgeable and highly skilled engineers from years of experience with the industry to provide you with the best standards in engineering design, drawing and installation.

Contact Us to discuss about your project in Stage Rigging System and Suspension needs.

Case Study : Stage Rigging

Alice Smith School Hall
Alice Smith School

FOH motorised lighting barrel with cabling and lighting points and DMX points.

Wisma BSN Auditorium Stage
Wisma BSN Auditorium

Fixed Stage Rigging lighting grids to hang LED spotlights and LED moving heads.

IPPTAR TV Studio Lighting and Self Climbing Hoist

The self climbing hoist and the scenery hoist for the TV Studio upgrading.

Istana Budaya Lambang Sari
Istana Budaya Lambang Sari Theater

Studio theater with stage rigging and structure suspension and steelwork support.

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