Stage Lighting System

When we first formed our company we started with stage lighting system where we supply and install stage lighting system for churches, multipurpose hall, ballroom and auditorium. This has become our main project contribution until now and we have 14 years experience in providing stage lighting design and has installed many projects in Malaysia.

The work also include supply and install fixed and motorized lighting barrel, electrical cabling to all lighting point, control cabling and lighting control desk programming as part of Stage Lighting installation.

Stage lighting system consist of lighting control desk, dimmer rack and luminaire spotlight and LED spotlights. We are the distributor and dealer for brand like ADB Lighting, Zero 88 Lighting and Dexel Lighting. We also supply many other lighting brands for luminaries and accessories.

With this we are able to give direct manufacturer prices and can fit into any budget requirement either a large scale or smaller scale installation at competitive pricing. Product reliability, manufacturer support, good installation work and competitive pricing is our advantage.

We always like to stick to our recommended products range but we can also provide products from other manufacturer when requested. Having access to most lighting manufacturers in and products  range Artistic Controls is able to supply the most suitable equipment according to your preference and budget.

We have completed a number of venues like production theatre, auditorium, multipurpose hall stage lighting, hotel and ballroom entertainment lighting, production studio lighting and church installation. For more of our completed projects reference please check out our projects reference.

stage lighting

Our Service for Stage Lighting System

Artistic Controls can be your system integrator to ensure a smooth running system from implementation to commissioning.

  • Provide stage lighting design and specification for new venue or upgrading
  • Complete installation include stage rigging, cabling work, lighting programming, commissioning and handover
  • Provide comprehensive and maintenance and after sales service
  • Equipment repair and warranty
  • Spare part and theatre and studio lamp supply

Contact Us To Discuss Your Project

Artistic Controls has been supply and install Stage Lighting System for the Auditorium, Multipurpose Hall and Theater for the past 14 years. Let Artistic team design, install, and configure your systems, and provides regular maintenance to the system.  We can handle your project from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss your Stage Lighting project.

Case Study : Stage Lighting System

DPAC Auditorium
Damansara Performance Arts Center DPAC

DPAC stage lighting for proscenium theatre, lack Box Theatre and dance studios.

UiTM Melaka Dewan Tamin Sari
UiTM Alor Gajah Dewan Taming Sari

With the successful installation of the ADB Lighting at the Dewan Taming Sari marked another completed stage lighting system.

Kolej Universiti Tati Dewan Canselor TATIUC

 For the stage lighting system we installed Zero 88 Jester control desk and dimmer system with spotlights.

Stage Lighting using 3 point lighting

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