Architectural Dimming SystemArchitectural Dimming is important to create the right ambience for the interior and exterior building. The use of dimmer and control is able to support stylish design and emphasize architectural features.

In commercial area dimming is also use to enhance the working environment and energy savings. In many applications the ability to control the lighting output provides presentation mode for meeting or create cozy environment for comfort dinning in the restaurant.

Change scenes manually, automatically and via time schedules to match lighting with changing use of the space throughout the day. The range of dimming includes a comprehensive selection of source controllers that can control virtually any light source including resistive, capacitive and inductive loads, fluorescent 0-10V, DALI and DSI, cold cathode, neon, LED, DMX512 and switched loads.

Artistic Controls has extensive experience in working with lighting designers and interior designers and the owner to provide architectural dimming system to the venue based on the lighting layout. Our recommendation is either to choose dimmer from Zero 88 UK or iLight UK.

Our Offer and Service for Architectural Dimming System

We supply and install the followings.

Architectural Dimming Application

Zero 88 Dimming SystemHotels
From a hotel lobby to ballroom our centralize intelligence network of dimming units provide flexible system design and allow addition lighting circuit in the future.

Auditorium and Multipurpose Halls
Select and recall different lighting scenes according to exhibition or conference to a wedding reception. Partition setting can be set for multiple separate room or combine to one large room.

Meeting Room and Conference Room
We are able to set different lighting scenes for speeches or presentation or projection mode. The dimmer can be link and control by AMX or Crestron controls.

Restaurant and Bar
Architectural dimming solution will provide cozy mood for social gathering and dinning where environments ambience is important.  Our simple 10 button control panel will be set for morning breakfast to bright light for dinner scenes. From simple mood lighting to stunning visual effects including chase and colour changing sequences, an the control system can manage complex lighting at the touch of a button.

Museums & Galleries
Proper lighting levels will help to prolong the exhibit items especially the sensitively display in museum and galleries. Choice of touch screens panel or 10 button control panels.

Our simple 4 channels dimmer with remote control panel set different lighting scenes to attract and engage potential customers; presenting merchandise with maximum visual impact is critical. Choice of lighting is important but more so with the use of architectural dimming system to create the quality, luxury and style.

Interior and Outdoor Public Area
Famous landmarks for interior and outdoor area has been incorporated with beautiful outdoor lighting can now be appreciated with the use of dimming and scene timer. Astronomical time clocks and wide range of RCD/MCB protected devices make light work of demanding specifications.

Enhance energy saving by incorporating dimming, time schedules, daylight sensors and occupancy detectors. The use of fluorescent dimming with electronic ballast will give a longer life to the lighting and to overall office environ.

Educational Institution
Dimmer sse in lecture hall, theatres and meeting rooms can integrate with audio visual equipment including projection screen, blinds and curtains. Control lighting on demand and with occupancy detection and daylight thresholds for maximizing energy savings.

Prestigious private residences
We can custom the control panel layout to suit to your house themes design for elegant looking with the right layout, button and finishes. The programming allows the dimmer to dim all type of lighting tungsten, fluorescent and low voltage light.

Home cinemas
Where integration is needed with centralized AV systems, our dimming solution offers a number of choices for efficient two ways communication ensuring the lighting control network is fully integrated with video, audio and screen setups.

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