The Adaman Resort Upgraded Architectural Dimming System

Adaman Resort Restaurant
Adaman Resort Restaurant Dimming

Going back to Langkawi Island bring lots of memory to us as previously we were very active here installing a few projects for the hotels dimming like the Sheraton Perdana Resort (it has change name to Westin Langkawi Resort), Berjaya Langkawi Resort, Pelangi Resort and some smaller installation.

Recently we had the opportunity to go to The Adaman Resort at Jalan Teluk Datai, a beautiful resort for a getaway retreat. We were there to train the operator on the setting up the architectural dimmer using Zero 88 Chilli dimmer range. The have upgraded the dimmer from Dynalite to Zero 88 Chilli 1210i wall mounted dimmer rack.

We supply to Orion and they did the installation and all termination works. This is for the Chinese restaurant which is operated long hours and needed a more reliable dimming system to power up the lighting. Apart from that we also supply the LED par lights for the lounge area.

Zero 88 Chilli Dimmer
Zero 88 Chilli Dimmer

There are two Zero 88 Chilli 1210i dimmers installed for the Lighting system giving 24 channels of Dimming control. It has one control panel Chilli 10 button which is daisy chained to the dimmers using a CAT5E cable. One the last point we terminate with a 120 ohm resistor supplied to the last Chilli Control Panel.

The training was easy and without using any programming device they can set any scene via the control panel at the dimmer rack. Once the scene is done it can be save and store it in any of the button at the control panel.

We are looking forward to work with The Adaman Resort Langkawi for the next installation.