From engineering and planning to installation of stage lighting, sound reinforcement system, stage curtain and public address system for auditorium and studio.

Lighting System

• Theatre and Stage Lighting and LED Lighting
• Television and Studio Lighting.
• Concert Halls and Convention Center Production Lighting.
• Architectural Dimming System

Line Array Speaker for Sound System

Audio System

• Sound Reinforcement for Auditorium, Theatre, Concert Hall, Convention Center.
• Production Sound and Communication.
• Audio Visual System for Conference Room, Lecture Halls, Auditorium, Stadium, Training Centers.
• Video Conferencing Systems.
• Meeting Rooms Complete AV and Sound Solutions System
• General and Specialist Acoustic Treatment and Noise Control.

Extra Low Voltage (ELV)

• Public Address System
• Security Card Access and CCTV System
• MATV and SMATV systems
• Firemen Intercom System
• Apartment Intercom System
• Barrier Gate System
• Guard Tour System

Public Address System

Stage Engineering

• Mechanical Suspension and Structure.
• Theatre and Television Rigging Systems
• Stage Electronic and Control Systems
• Stage Equipment and Machinery
• Pantograph Systems.
• Curtain and Stage Draperies Systems.
• Motorized Hoists.

Electrical Engineering

• High Voltage System Design.
• Electrical Distribution.
• Electrical Cabling and Trunking Works
• Incoming Power Supply for ELV System.

Integrated Control System

• Audio Visual Control Systems.
• Lighting and Special Effect.
• Ethernet and LAN Control Network.
• DMX Data Highway.
• Integrated Building Management System for security systems, Building automation System, CCTV and MATV Systems.
• Communication and Data Networks.