Audio System

We have years of experience in designing and successfully delivering sound installation project and high profile audio systems in auditorium, multipurpose hall and smaller venue like meeting room.

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If you need help with the design, supply and installation of any audio system for meeting room and conference room or you require large scale sound installation for Auditorium, Multipurpose Hall, Dewan or Gym then Artistic Controls have the expertise you need.

Architectural Lighting System

Sound Reinforcement System

Applicable to Auditorium, Theatre, Multipurpose Hall, Concert Hall, Stadium, Convention Center. These large space require difference sets of sound reinforcement to ensure every seats or location in the hall is covered.

Spaces that host large audiences present special audio challenges. No two are alike in terms of sound performance, but they all need to deliver high-quality audio with clarity and evenness, whether presenting a single lecturer, panel discussion or full stage performance.

Architectural Lighting System

Background Music (BGM)

Background Music (BGM) requires a set of sound system that transforms the experience of the customer when walk into the premises. Retail spaces, shopping mall, restaurants, hotels and gyms are just some businesses that can benefit from this experience with the right background music.

Artistic Controls has done many BGM related projects and we can provide solution with audio system design, installation, testing and commissioning.

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