Lighting System

Our core business since we started the company. Since then we have installed high profile stage lighting and studio lighting across Malaysia.

Are you looking for lighting installer for your venue then you come to the right place!

We provide design, supply and installation of  lighting system for auditorium, multipurpose hall and production studio. Call Artistic Controls for more details.


Stage Lighting

Stage Lighting creates a specific atmosphere as it applies to the production theatre, dance and performance arts and musical theatre. LED lighting has been widely accepted as a norm for the stage lighting with LED effect lights.

The supply and installation for stage lighting involve fixed and motorized lighting barrel, electrical cabling to all lighting point, control cabling and lighting control desk programming.

Artistic Controls has a vast experience in theatre and stage lighting installation for production theatre, auditorium, multipurpose hall stage lighting, hotel and ballroom entertainment lighting, production studio lighting and church installation.


Studio Lighting

Studio lighting is an essential addition to production house and broadcast studio. It allows production to create natural lighting effects in a variety of situations. Lighting is one of the most critical aspects when setting camera in the studio because it allows you to set the mood for the video.

 With so many options available nowadays, do you choose three point lighting or directional lighting when setup lighting for your studio?

Artistic Controls has been in this field for many years supplying and installing large scale studio lighting, portable studio lighting, green screen lighting setup, production house studio lights, LED Studio Lights, LED Panel Light and Lighting Control Desk

Architectural Dimming

Architectural Dimming

Colour changing LED lights and other lighting fixtures can be used to create beautiful colour washes throughout retail spaces, restaurants, conference rooms and ballroom. And you need proper dimmers and suitable control system panel to create the mode and enhancing architectural features.

But it is complicated. Leading edge dimming, trailing edge dimming, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, led lights dimming, 0-10V, DMX or dali system. Which one do you used for your dimming system?

Whatever the application, Artistic Controls can work with you to design the perfect architectural dimming system to complement your existing lighting system.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas UTP

The UTP Chancellor Hall upgrade Stage Lighting Dimmer System and Architectural Dimmer System.

UiTM Convention Center

UiTM Convention Center in Shah Alam

The Convention Center install with Stage Lighting System and Lighting Control desk.

Bernama Studio

Bernama News Studio With LED Studio Lighting

Supply and Install LED studio lighting, LED Panel and Lighting Grid system.

Adaman Resort

Adaman Resort Architectural Dimming

Architectural dimming system with Zero 88 Chilli 1210i dimmer rack and 10 button control panel.