Universiti Teknologi Petronas UTP Chancellor Hall Stage Lighting System

Univeriti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) is located 30km south west of Ipoh City at Bandar Seri Iskandar, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia. It is near to the adjacent towns Tronoh, a once-famous mining town. UTP which was established in 1997, has grown to be one of the most prominent private universities in Malaysia.

The university had an upgrade on the Chancellor Hall Stage Lighting System recently with new Stage Dimmer for the performance spotlight and Architectural Dimmer System for the house light. This is a major upgrading to replace the original system which has serve the chancellor hall well for the past year.

Artistic Controls was awarded with the project to provide full solution to supply and upgrade the dimming system to ensure full compatibility to the current requirement. The main contractor for this project was Originex.

Dimmer Installation

To replace the original Strand dimmer the ADB Eurodim TT Twin Tech Cabinet was chosen as this come with fully modular plugin dimmer with processor and back up power supply. Two units of the ADB Eurodim TT Twin Tech Cabinet is required to provide a total of 176 dimmer channels. Each of the plugin modules is 4 x 3kW dimmer come with 400 us rise time. The dimmer cabinet come with Central Control Unit and User Interface LCD Touch Screen.

The installation was straight forward to dismantle the existing dimmer and reinstall the new unit. The challenge is since the dimmer room size has a limited height the dimmer cabinet is barely able to fit with only 12″ space between the rack and the ceiling slap. This has created some heat built up in the dimmer room after a long use.

A temporary ventilation was built to draw the heat out of the dimmer room and this allow the air condition to work properly cooling the dimmer room to lower down the temperature.

The Architectural dimming is relocated at the adjacent room as separate dimmer room also at Level 5. We installed 14 units of Zero 88 Chilli 6 x 25W Digital Dimmer in this room and another 5 units of Chilli 24 x 3kW at the foyer ground floor making a total of 204 channel dimming system for the whole hall house lights and foyer downlight. The dimmer also allow to dim any LED downlight with proper dimmable ballast.

Together with the dimming system is 6 units of Control Panel located at the control room, dimmer floor and foyer entrance. The connection to each of the control panel and the dimmer is via Cat 6 UTP cable. Since the cable is very long more than 90m a repeater is needed to ensure the signal will not lost.

The first UTP convocation will be held in the same year and we managed to deliver the sUTP Chancellor Hall back to the end user on time for the rehearsal and show performances.