Collaboration & Communication

Technology drive collaboration and communication in workspace.

Whether you are a small business, or a large corporation, working from home or an office-based team, you need tool designed for communication and collaboration.

Artistic Controls can help to make the collaboration and communication in the workplace easier. We make use of the available technologies to update and improve the workflows and processes by designing and installing suitable audio conferencing and video conferencing solutions with budget in mind.

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Audio Conferencing

If you have a large group of people surrounding the conference table in the meeting room where the chair person can communicate effective with the delegates or the staffs, the desktop based chairmen and delegate microphone unit offer best solution.

For smaller meeting environment an audio conference speakerphone is an ideal tool for all business environments from personal to large meeting rooms. Delivering full-duplex conversation with the clearest sound coupled with echo cancellation and acoustic noise suppression.

Artistic Controls has many years of experience in providing Audio solution. Call for a quote.

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Video conference system has been proven a huge savings in time and travel as you can connect with your other teams member anywhere outside the office environment.

Artistic Controls offer room based media collaboration video conference system or cloud based system. Cloud based is affordable for small to medium business extending from any mobile devise to desktop PCs to any traditional video conference system in the market.

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When you streaming a live video or preparing zoom meeting for a class of students we have microphone and camera package solution for you.

When you need to manage your video content, you need the best in video archiving solutions to manage your data. We can offer a robust and friendly platform & equipment that allows you to store, access and archive your content.We work with partner to offer you great video archiving solutions.