Stage Curtains

If you are looking for stage curtains and studio drapery for your school stage, auditorium and studio you come to the right place. We provide fast delivery, custom sewing and direct factory ordering. Call Artistic Controls for more details.

Whether you are designing grand proscenium or looking for curtain system for school hall, we can help you.

Artistic Controls stock commonly use curtain fabric here in our warehouse and for other color and fabric we can bring in fast direct from factory. We work closely with JC Joels for design, fabric selection and budgeting the right curtain for your theatre, event space, production studio, corporate events, exhibition hall and auditorium.

Stage Curtain

Stage Curtain

The most commonly used curtain style is center parting curtain and top masking curtain. A center parting curtain comprises of two sections which are suspended from a track which open and close from center to off-stage. Also know as bi parting curtain is made of two over lapping panel with 50 – 100% fullness.

Another main curtain for Front of House is Austrian Curtain (also known as Festoon) is made of a series of vertical panels with both horizontal and vertical fullness. Austrian Curtain can be raised vertically from the bottom by use of a series of cords and rings on the back.

Sekolah Seni Seri Alam

Backdrop & Cyclorama

Backdrops are ideal for immersing your audience into a performance, whether that’s on a theatre stage, school stage or in a concert hall. This includes muslin, scrim, digitally-printed backdrops, Sharkstooth Gauze, an open weave material that is used to produce special effects on stage.

Artistic Controls can supply variety of types backdrops and cyclorama for your stage and studio need. Using the highest quality fabrics and with fast turnaround times to effectively meet your requirement. Call us for a quote.

Chromakey Green Screen

Chromakey Green Screen is to facilitate video shooting production with special effects through the chromakey process, a camera effect in which a green or blue background is removed or made transparent to reveal a background video or computer graphic. To meet this requirements for the production house and studio, we supply fabric with custom dyed chroma key blue and green.

Artistic Controls can supply variety of types chromakey green screen, coloured wool serge or black wool curtain for your stage and studio green screen need. Just let us know your studio size and we take it from there.

Acoustic Curtain

Acoustic Curtain

Acoustic fabrics with excellent acoustic absorption offer a highly effective way to control and enhance the sound in any venue, including gym hall room divide, rehearsal spaces, theatres, school hall and live events.

Acoustic curtain are usually installed as perimeter curtains and used to mask acoustically reflective surfaces in a variety of venues, from small black-box theatre to exhibition centers.

Artistic Controls are specialist contractor in supply curtain and we work closely with curtain supplier to provide custom design sound absorption curtains. Solve your acoustic problem today with Acoustic Sound Absorbing Curtains.

Sekolah Seni Seri Alam

Sekolah Seni Seri Alam

Artistic Controls installed  a large filled cloth cyclorama at Sekolah Seni Seri Alam Johor Bharu.

Mont Kiara Black Curtain

Mont’ Kiara International School

Mont’ Kiara International School Dance Theater refurbishes the theater with new stage curtain using traditional stage cotton velvet for school.

Finas Black Wool Curtain

Finas Studio Sound Stage

Artistic Controls Supply and Install Motorised Curtain Track System with Black Wool Cyclorama System at Finas Studio Ulu Klang.

Ipptar Studio chromakey curtain


For the cyclorama triple curtain track we supply aluminium track and  cyclorama canvas and chromakey curtain.