University Putra Malaysia Campus UPM Bintulu

University Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus Bintulu Sarawak
University Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus Bintulu Sarawak

University Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus Bintulu in Sarawak has built a new Multipurpose Hall to cater for the expansion and for students activities. The campus has a large area of 715 hectares with 2200 students enrolled in Agriculture and Food programs. As part of the expansion the need to have a new multipurpose hall with proper stage lighting and sound system is important.

Frontra Enterprise Sdn Bhd in Bintulu was awarded by the main contractor to supply and install stage lighting, stage curtain and AV System in the new Mutipurpose Hall. The company is headed by owner Mr Yang who is specialized in networking infrastructure and oil and gas related services and Audio Visual and Sound System.

Mr Yang turns to Artistic Controls to help them to install and commissioning the stage lighting and stage curtain system for UPM new hall. Working with Frontra project and technical team is really enjoyable as they are friendly and willingness to learn and with good technical team to help us up during the installation.

For the Sound System and Projection System, Frontra Enterprise carry out their own installation and commission by they own team.

UPM Bintulu Multipurpose Hall
UPM Bintulu Multipurpose Hall

The new multipurpose hall is a 1400 meter sq built up area with the stage area of 127 meter sq. Since the proscenium is quite high the curtain has to be quite large with curtain weight easily 150kg in total. We are glad that the project consultant has taken this into consideration and reinforcement the secondary support above stage.

Zero 88 Jester 24/48 Control Desk
Zero 88 Jester 24/48 Control Desk
Zero 88 Dimmer Rack 6 in equipment rack
Zero 88 Dimmer Rack 6 in equipment rack

The tender specification has been design by the consultant which is well written that called for reliable and professional system. With this in mind we supply Zero 88 Dimmer rack and Zero 88 Jester 48 channels control desk. Zero 88 has been in the theatre market for many years and they offer 3 years warranty on manufacturer defects.

For the luminaries we supply about 40 nos of various spotlights which consist of Profile, Fresnel, Parcan and cyclorama.

Interfacing is by DMX protocol using Belden 9729 a 2 pair twisted screen 22AWG cable suitable for long distance signal cabling in the auditorium and multipurpose hall.

The installation is straight forward and does not require installation details from us as all the design is already specified in the tender. The only slight problem we face during the testing is not enough luminaries for the FOH as the stage is quite big.

This has taken some time of the testing time to focus and adjust the spotlights to the important front of the stage. We need to use the lux meter to measure optimum light output with the light spread evenly. Nevertheless perhaps in the future the operator of UPM will upgrade the lighting later.

Center parting Stage Curtain - maroon color
JC Joel Center Parting Stage Curtain – Maroon color

For the Stage Curtain which is about 22m x 8m we offered them JC Joel curtain.

Training was conducted to the Frontra technical team on the Zero 88 Jester desk. They in turn will carry the handover to the operator at the later stage. The training was quite fast as they have already learned how to operate the desk by just reading the operation manual.

According to them the desk is easy to operate and simple to setup and they love using Jester desk. We are quite pleased with their good attitude and appreciate their installation work in all the system there.

Equipment in Stage Lighting System:
1 x Zero 88 Jester 24/48
4 x Zero 88 Rack 6
12 x 1kW aLDR Profile
12 x 1kW aLDR Fresnel
20 x Parcan

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