Motorised Curtain Track With Black Wool Serge At Finas Studio Sound Stage Ulu Klang

Artistic Controls was awarded the project with ACS Solution to Supply and Install Motorised Curtain Track System with Black Wool Cyclorama System at Finas Studio Ulu Klang.

Finas located at Kompleks Studio Merdeka, Hulu Klang needed to upgrade their existing Black Curtain to incorporate a new motorised track system at the Main Studio Sound Stage.

Their Sound Stage Studio is a main recording studio with a space of 32m(L) x 18m(W) x 9m(H) already equipped with Motorised Hoist & Lighting and capable up to 4 cameras MCP production for any large scale video shooting.

For the video shooting the studio needed large perimeter black cyclorama curtain with heavy duty motorised curtain track to mask the walls and reducing sound reverberation.

Motorised Curtain Track System

The curtain track consist of three section each with about 30m length two section and 17m one section. Each track is incorporated with custom install motor to provide a smooth and reliable operation.

The heavy duty track is a custom made track with mild steel and wall mounted bracket away from the wall 600mm. Each track will consist of steel cable, nylon pulley, master pulley and diverting pulley as a complete working set.

Artistic Controls begun the project by removing and disposing all of the existing curtain track and drapery within the spaces, then correctly carry out measurement before fabricating the material and ordering the fabrics.

A master control panel was install to allow operation of the curtain opening and closing.

JC Joel Black Premier Wool Serge Fabric

JC Joel Black Premier Wool Serge WS090 was selected as the replacement curtain since this is the most popular fabric for studio perimeter cyclorama curtain durable, strong and with good acoustic properties.

The Premier Wool Serge is IFR fire rated material ideally suitable for this large scale curtain installation and weight 565g/m2. The curtains are sew with 0% fullness are provided with self lining and utilised Premier Wool Serge and weight at 565g/m2.

The sewing was done by JC Joel itself at the UK facilities and the fabric was sew with tab hooks at the top and chain at the bottom.

Tab hooks sewn onto modacrylic tape with is the strongest method of attaching curtains to curtain track ideal for this large curtain. Bottom is sewn with weighted chain. The chain enables the curtain to hang properly and allows the curtain to flow smoothly when opening and closing.

Total finish curtain weight is 447kg.

During the testing it was witness by Finas operation team to ensure that it meet the studio standard installation method.

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