UiTM Convention Center in Shah Alam

The Completed UiTM Convention Center - Front View
The Completed UiTM Convention Center – Front View

University Technology Mara (UiTM) in Shah Alam has built a new Convention Center in the main campus area. The newly completed Convention Center is futuristic look with a fan shape auditorium design and the main auditorium can accommodate about 4000 seats capacity.

The construction which started in late 2008 will be use for by UiTM function. Currently the building is undergoing the testing and commissioning stage. We understand that the first try run and actual use of the convention center will be by January 2011 by client the UiTM itself.

The turnkey main contractor is Marl Jaya and Artistic Controls is a specialist contractor to supply and install of the Auditorium Audio Visual System, Sound Reinforcement System, Projection System and Stage Lighting System.

UiTM Convention Center The Hall
UiTM Convention Center The Hall

The UiTM Convention Center when completed will be use in student convocation, cultural performance, seminar and high energy stage production like singing concert. It can be use to outside organization to rent and use the convention Center as the entrance is located near the highway.

The Sound Reinforcement System is fully digital system from Yamaha consists of 48 channels Digital Mixer for FOH, Digital Mixer for Stage Monitoring and Digital Mixer for Broadcast in Broadcast room. The selected brand for the digital mixer is Yamaha Series

The main loudspeaker is using JBL High Power Loudspeaker AES series and Crown High Performance amplifier. This combination of JBL and Crown will provide a max of 125dB which allow UiTM to use more than just the performance or speeches.

All cabling for microphones and stage and outside broadcasting is using digital Ethersound conversion. The analog microphone points will convert to digital at the stage area before send to the digital mixer system.