Stage Lighting Concept

The Process Of The Stage Lighting Design

Stage Lighting Concept
Stage Lighting Concept

They are customer who wanted to build a stage lighting system in their auditorium or theater but sometime they cannot do it without the help of a lighting company or lighting consultant.

Sometime we receive much call from the prospective customer that wanted to upgrade their stage lighting system for their auditorium and multipurpose hall. These stage lighting system has been there for many years and it is time to upgrade to suit to current requirement. For a simple upgrading and when the customer requested for our advice and design we will usually provide free stage lighting design and proposal. It is either they engage the lighting consultant to advise them for a larger scale of upgrading or in this case we will provide our experience and professional advice on the type of upgrading.

These inquiries usually come from house of worship like from church or mosque or from institution education like university, school, colleges and hotel ballroom and banquet hall and building that have the auditorium.

When design a stage lighting care must be take on the type of lighting and the space allows. Most of the time we based on budget to come up with our design and this is not accurate.

In order to assist us to come out with the design we will ask the customer some of the following question:

  • What is the stage size? What is the size of the auditorium and what is the seating capacity. It is important that we obtain these information and we will ask the customer to check in the as built drawing or operation manual for the information. Sometime the customer will email or fax us the information like the drawing.
  • The second question we will ask is what is the purpose of the new stage lighting requirement for? Is this going to be used for live performance or just simple stage use? It is important that they have this answer in hand.
  • Is there any entertainment show or drama or singing?
  • Will there be musical dance/Cultural dance/ any type of classical musically instrument like gendang?
  • For university – Graduation events, concert/Live show performances, speech/drama performance, banquets event, for convocation especially university.

Once we gather all these information and drawing we will start coming with a proposal complete with illustration like simple drawing lighting layout and catalogue. The whole process will take at least 7 days to provide a meaning design and details.

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