Kolej Universiti Tati Dewan Canselor TATIUC

Stage Lighting, Professional Sound System and Stage Curtain

Kolej Universiti Tati TATIUC
Kolej Universiti Tati TATIUC

Kolej Universiti Tati or TATIUC located in Teluk Kalung, Kemaman has a new convention hall officially open since October. Dewan Canselor as they named the hall was built at RM17 million and can accommodate 2000 students at one time. It is used as a new venue for student convocation and new student intake venue.

TATIUC Main Stage
TATIUC Main Stage

The Audio Visual system was installed by Adamas Excel which consists of sound reinforcement system, projection system and stage lighting system with a large stage curtain. Artistic Controls is the system integrator and equipment supply for the whole system. Design by JKR Trengganu the main attraction is the large stage curtain with a size of 40m by 7.5 m.

TATIUC hall view from audience
TATIUC hall view from audience

The AV System

The sound system FOH loudspeakers is the 8 nos of 12” 500W loudspeaker with 50 deg x 90 deg coverage by AD System. Corresponding to the fullrange speaker is 2 nos of dual 18” 700W subwoofer located at the floor or stage level. To powered the speaker we used the high power amplifier AD System TC series of 1300W 8 ohm.

Tati Yamaha MGP32

The mixer console is by Yamaha new MGP32X a 32 channels mixer. The mixer has the USB port and ipod/iphone input making it possible to playback any music source. It also has dual digital effect processor built in.

The speaker management and DSP is by Dbx Driverack a complete DSP for making the sound come out balance and natural.

For the projection we used 2 units of Panasonic PD-DX810 XGA resolution with 8500 Ansi lumen DLP projector to provide 16′ by 20′ image . The projector comes with eco filter that need no maintenance for a least 12000 hours. With dual lamps system eliminate the need to interrupt the presentation should one lamp failed.

Tati main stage with Draper Rolleramic
Tati main stage with Draper Rolleramic

For the image size of 16’ x 20’ we used the Draper Rolleramic motorized projection screen. The two units install require an Extron Matrix switcher to split any input video source to any projector. The input points which is located at the stage area has a few VGA and video points thus to allow computer/lap top output and video camera live.

As for the stage lighting system we installed using Zero 88 Jester control desk and dimmer system.  We provide adequate spotlight require to cover the stage brightness consist of various types with Profile, Fresnel and lots of Par can.

With the Zero 88 control desk it can be upgraded to include LED lights and moving head control in the near future. Of course for a better solution is to upgrade the desk to cater up to 200 over fixture control.

The Stage Curtain

Tati Stage Curtain Open
Tati Stage Curtain Close

The highlight of this installation is a large stage curtain with a size of 40m by 7.5m requires some 7 rolls of velvet curtain to complete the sewing job. The material is by JC Joel velvet velour a NDFR fabric from the UK. For any size of this type of convention center with height of more than 5 m will  require well manage installation of the motorized curtain track and the curtain itself.

The overall system was installed with the specification required and the only left to do is the full operation training to the operator and the consultant.

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