Al Hijrah Kuala Lumpur Came Out with New TV Studio

TV Al Hijrah Studio
TV Al Hijrah Studio

To compete globally and locally TV Al Hijrah has come out with their own Digital Broadcast TV Studio for News and Entertainment to promote new medium in Islamic activities with current needs. The Islamic content is produce here in digital format and broadcast via Astro channel.

The main contractor KUBTel has been awarded to design and build the Digital TV Station with studio lighting and back end equipment system. In the TV studio we have the opportunity to work with the Primula to install the studio lighting and dimming system.

With the TV Studio size of about 21m by 20m and height of about 8 m with the working grid above the studio the need to install different type of lighting truss straight and circular format to ease of the lighting setup is necessary.

With the truss layout a total of 24 nos of 1 ton chain master hoist were needed to power up the hoist up and down the truss and the lighting. Power cabling is via the flip flop cable tray from the grid level to the lighting truss. The truss is programmable in the touch panel to store the preset distance of the truss run.

The dimming system is a 96 channels dimmer and 24 channels DMX outputs distributed throughout the studio and terminated at the truss. Four sets of ADB Eurorack 60 dimmer racks were installed and control via Zero 88 Frog 96 DMX control desk.

Most of the studio light was from Arri for 2kW, 1kW, 650W Fresnel to studio cool fluorescent light with 4 and 6 tube types. With DMX control fluorescent light require lots of Non dim lighting point and we have done so with addition switch board to power up the light.

Working the Lighting Designer was fun and interesting as the need to create balance lighting for TV Studio which uses all HD cameras require that the color temperature has to be perfect. This is where the professional lighting designer like Jon Ramlan comes into important play especially in the HD studio. Most of the lighting set up is using 3 points lighting so that the camera can pick up details of the object with depth emphasize.

Starting June 1, Malaysia’s first Islamic television channel, TV Al Hijrah, will be made available on Astro’s Channel 114.