Stage Production Need Motorised Stage Bar

Motorised Lighting Bar consist of lighting bar with electric pilewind winch, pulleys system which can be raise and lower from stage height to floor height level to allow rigging of the spotlights and backdrops and for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Most small to medium school halls, auditorium and function centers have fixed lighting bars or truss rig. This is acceptable if there is little changes to be made on the lighting fixtures over the years.

However if you have stage production and show events that require you to change the lighting setup quite often many times over the year then you need to install motorised lighting bar or trusses. A motorised stage lighting bar or truss system will increase work efficiency and lower maintenance cost of the lighting fixtures over the long run.

Custom Design and Install Lighting Bar

The custom design lighting bar will have cable management tray to ensure data and power cable are neat and largely out of sight when the lighting bars or truss are flown to position.

Motorised Lighting Bar

Artistic Controls supply and install motorised lighting bar/truss systems for the stage depending on your requirement regarding load capacity.

We offers a wide range of design options for onstage electric hoists, front of house lighting hoists and  scenery hoists. The motor with multiple cable lifting drums and diverter pulleys are mounted stationary to the ceiling which is part of theatrical rigging system.

We can customized the lighting bar either using single bar or double bar for heavy duty application. Designed with the highest standards of construction using MS 48 mm tube with powder coated in black matt texture finish.

If you are looking for a quote to upgrade existing lighting bars in to motorised system, contact us for a quote.

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Case Study : Motorised Lighting Bar

Alice Smith School

FOH motorised lighting barrel with cabling and lighting points and DMX points were installed.

Taylor School Auditorium
Taylor’s International School

A mixture of LED Spotlight was installed on the Motorised Lighting Bar in the Auditorium.

UiTM Melaka Dewan Tamin Sari
UiTM Alor Gajah

The Multipurpose Hall installed with FOH Motorised Lighting Bar.

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