Cyberview Rekascape Studio Lighting Truss

Event space studio for performances

One of the upcoming community project is Cyberview Rekascape located at Persiaran APEC Cyberjaya. The project was initiated by Cyberview to bring people and ideas together and bring entrepreneurs looking to create, connect, grow and forge towards the frontier of limitless possibilities.

The idea is to create an open space platform for talented individual to pitch ideas, network and participate in development programmes. One of the facilities is the event studio with high level ceiling level with studio painted black.

In order to complete the studio installation, Artistic Controls was engaged to install rigging system with motorised lighting truss. The truss was triangle bar 8 m long complete with DMX point and a 3 phase power supply ready to be plugin.

A motor with single drum and pulley system to accommodate all of the lift lines was installed. We used Marellimotori motor a three phase electric brake motor for reliable in lifting heavy stuff.

After the installation the staff at Rekascape were given a comprehensive training on using the truss to rig spotlights and speakers properly. Proper training and a policy of allowing only trained and authorized personnel to use rigging set are essential components of the safety program. Since this space is for rent the safety aspect is important. People who are using moving equipment must understand the equipment, the proper methods of operating equipment, and the hazards involved.

Overall the installation was completed in time and ready for their first event.

For more information on Rekascape space please visit their website.

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