Politeknik Hulu Trengganu

Politeknik Hulu Terengganu (Hulu Terengganu Polytechnic) or with abbreviated PHT is a polytechnic under the auspices of Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia. Recently they moved to a newly built main campus located in Kuala Jeneris Terengganu.

The main campus was built with new facilities that can accommodate 800 students intake. The construction also include a mini auditorium and a multipurpose hall. As part of the Education Institution requirement the need to have stage rigging and stage curtain to the multipurpose hall.

Multipurpose Hall
Multipurpose Hall

Artistic Controls has the opportunity to work with the local contractor Global Tech to supply and install stage curtain, motorised lighting bar and stage lighting system.

Stage Curtain

The multipurpose hall stage curtain is a FOH Center Parting Curtain with top masking and legs. The fabric is from JC Joel velvet NDFR 395gm2 velour in Mulberry color. The top masking border and two single masking legs also from the same color range.

Politeknik Stage Curtain
Stage Curtain

All the drapes were sewn with 50% fullness, a standard chain-weight (Jack Chain) in the base to add weight and ensure that they hung as straight as possible and small tab hooks at the header to allow them to be easily attached to the curtain track. The curtain is specially sewn by JC Joel in UK.

The motorised curtain track is electric draw mechanism for the Bi Parting Curtain consisting of motor, track, pulley, wire ropes and gear box.

Motorised Lighting Bar

The stage rigging system consist of 3 sets of 10m motorised lighting bar c/w suspensions, brackets, mounting accessories and secondary support. For the motor we supply the Marellimotori brake motor with gearbox and custom made double lighting bar.

Motorised Lighting Bar
Motorised Lighting Bar

The motorised lighting bar consist of cable management tray to ensure DMX cable and power cable are neatly installed and allow spotlights to be hung here.

The master remote control panel was installed at the stage area to control both the motorised lighting bar and curtain track system.

Stage Lighting System

Part of the project is also to supply stage lighting and lighting control desk and dimmer system. For the control desk and dimmer we supply Zero 88 FLX Lighting Control Desk and Zero 88 Betapack Dimmer Pack.

The lighting is a mixture of LED Spotlight and conventional lighting by Weinas.

The cabling and system installation were done by local installer. The system was successfully commission and handover to the client on time.

For more of the Politeknik Hulu Terengganu check out their official website.

Contact Us for Multipurpose Hall Stage Curtain and Rigging System.

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