Studio Pipe Grids

A Pipe Grid is perfect for lower ceiling heights and a cost effective way to add versatility to a production studio, TV and News studio or any space where the ability to hang and rearrange lighting equipment is required.

The standard pipe grid consists of 1-1/2″ or 48 mm steel batten crossing at right angles overlaid in a 4 foot x 4 foot matrix. The upper level battens run in one direction and are suspended from the building structure. The lower level battens are clamped perpendicular to the upper battens.

Suspension methods vary depend on the overhead structure. The basic hanging assemblies, one for attachment to a steel I-beam, the other for attachment to a concrete ceiling. These pipe grids can be suspended with cable, chain or threaded rod.

eRama iptv

Custom Design and Install Pipe Grids

If you are looking for pipe grids for your event space, just provide us the space layout either in pdf drawing or sketches drawing with dimensions and heights we will be happy to discuss your project application.

Contact Us for your custom quotation today for custom design pipe grids.

Case Study : Studio Pipe Grids

Bernama Studio
Bernama News Studio

Studio lighting grids perfect for low level ceiling to hand studio lighting system.

eRama iptv
eRama iPTV Studio

Using track rails to allow pipe grids to shift to the front or back.

The Dance Stage Studio

The Dance Studio with fix lighting bars for hanging studio lights.

Studio Pipe Grid

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