Dexel SPL-200 Studio Fresnel LED 200W Variable White 2700K° to 6500K°

Fresnels LED 200W  Variable White Color, are built with aluminum profiles and steel, on modern and compact design, ensuring maximum dissipation and lightweight.  Leds with adjustable color temperature from 2800K° to 6200K°,  offering high colour rendering (CRI average >95), Dimming 0 to 100%.
Efficient optical system uses high quality reflector and fresnel lens glass to ensure maximum lighting performance. Saves up to 85% in energy consumption compared to halogen fresnels and a considerable reduction of heat emission.

The FRESNEL LED can be controlled via DMX 2 channels from the console or manually by a potentiometer located on the control panel of the same fresnel Led. The control panel has an LCD and buttons to set the display DMX address, also select the type of DMX-Manual control, allowing display the percentage of light output and the LED voltage, as well as the temperature inside the equipment and its system electronic, and other parameters.
They are equipped with high quality drivers.

Flicker free, and noiseless turbine, to ensure maximum extension of the lifetime of the LED.

Available models Manual and Pole Operated.

– High efficient led 200W  Bi-Color
– Adjustable Colour temperature: from 2700Kº to 6500Kº  High CRI ≥ 95
– Dimming 0 to 100%
– Control method:  DMX or Local (manual) dimming.
– Flicker Free.
– Fresnel lens Ø 150mm.
– Powercom for power daisy chain.
– Power consumption: 200W.
– Power requirements: 110V-240V 50/60Hz.
– Warranty 2 years