Zero 88 Update ZerOS 7.12 Software To All Consoles

Zero 88 has released new software ZerOS 7.12 an updated software for all consoles and servers running on ZeOS Operating System. This includes consoles like FLX, FLX S24 & S48 and ZerOS server. This is part of a release software update in the past 8 months.

The new update added integration with Color Kinetics KiNET support, Strand Vision.Net, Philips Hue, making it easier for houses of worship and schools to connect to other lighting systems like house lights in the same venue.

Zero 88 Add Vision.Net, Color Kinetics KiNET, Philips Hue Support In Zeros Consoles

Prolight ZerOS 7.12 Zero 88

ZerOS 7.12 includes the ability to accept input from a Strand Vision.Net control system via Ethernet. Users can press a button on Strand Vision.Net user interfaces such as touchscreens, control stations or the web-based Gateway-on-the-Go Interface to recall or adjust a cue on a ZerOS-based console without needing to interact with the console itself. Thanks to the integration with Philips Hue, designers can use also Philips Hue Smart Plugs and Smart Light Bulbs using the lighting desk.

The software also includes support for Color Kinetics KiNet, ensuring users can control their architectural lighting systems with KiNet, but then connect the system to the console for control during certain applications. Designers can control Color Kinetics luminaires from the console when they need to, while retaining the remote maintenance capabilities and Interact Landmark integration that KiNet provides.

ZEROS 7.12 Allow Integration With Other Lighting System

With integration with Strand Vision.Net, Color Kinetics KiNet, and Philips Hue, making it easier small to mid-sized theatres and schools to connect to other lighting systems.

“Most theatrical spaces have multiple systems to control the various luminaires inside and outside their facility, and because these systems don’t talk to each other, there is typically no way to initiate a single lighting cue for an event, such as a show start, across all the systems at once,” explains Jon Hole, Global Product Manager, Strand and Zero 88 Controls and Systems at Signify.

“Instead, lighting adjustments need to be made on each system separately. ZerOS 7.12 is designed to address that.” The new update allows Strand and Zero 88 consoles running ZerOS to natively connect with other Signify lighting systems in the facility, ensuring multiple systems from a single manufacturer can work together.

Zero 88 Preview ZerOS 7.12 update At Prolight + Sound 2022

Signify entertainment lighting brands Strand and Zero 88 today announced that they are previewing a new version of the popular ZerOS console software at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. The update adds integration with Strand Vision.Net, Color Kinetics KiNet, and Philips Hue, making it easier for small to mid-sized theatres, houses of worship and schools to connect to other lighting systems in the facility with minimal infrastructure impact.

At Prolight + Sound 2022 Jon Hole preview the ZerOS 7.12 update! The new version of ZerOS connects Zero 88 consoles like FLX or FLX S Consoles natively with luminaires and controls from other Signify brands in the facility such as Vision.Net, Color Kinetics KiNet, and Philips Hue support. The latest ZerOS update also enables you to control stage, house, and exterior architectural lighting in a theatre without refit.

For more information on ZerOS 7.12 please visit Zero88 ZerOS software.

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