Dewan Seri Negeri Wisma Darul Aman

Dewan Seri Negeri Wisma Darul Aman hall is used by the state government for their official events. This is a large event space used for gatherings, meetings and banquet dinners. The auditorium is currently undergoing upgrading work to its interior design and the wall will be installed with new acoustic wall treatment and other architectural upgrading. Part of the work is to upgrade the hall stage lighting and pro sound.

Since the hall was built in 1993 and after many years in operation, it is time for major upgrade work to the interior decoration with the new modern design. The whole upgrading work is handled by the specialized interior designer contractor from Alor Setar.

Wisma Darul Aman is located at Lebuhraya Darul Aman Alor Setar Kedah Malaysia. The building itself is located further inside on Jalan Tunku Bendahara, across the road from Tugu Pahlawan. The Kedah Investment Centre has its workplace and office here and houses most of the departments of the Kedah state government.

wisma darul aman
Wisma Darul Aman

Dewan Seri Negeri Auditorium

The auditorium is located within the Wisma Darul Aman building itself. The auditorium space was built to be a fan shape with a stage size of 20m by 8m. It has a ceiling height of about 10m from the floor.

Part of the interior work handled by the interior design company is to install new acoustic paneling and change the damaged curtain. A good deal of absorption would be required to tackle the large hall and the acoustic installation is needed to improve the overall reverberation of the hall. New paintwork will be applied to the prefunction hall for a brighter feel. The color of the new paneling will be different from the existing color scheme.

For the lights and sound system, they turn to Artistic Controls to provide AV solutions to improve the overall stage use experience.

dewan seri negeri hall

Dewan Seri Negeri Stage Lighting

For the stage lighting, the main work is to remove the dimmer pack and convert the rack to direct non dim power distribution and with the help of DMX distributor all LED lights and house lights will be able to dim. The existing spotlights is to upgrade to LED spotlight and replaced with new LED Cyclorama, Profile, Fresnel and LED Par. Four beam moving head lights with a wide zoom will be installed to give the effect lighting. The operator is looking forward to new LED technology and also keeping everything simple for events.

Dewan Seri Negeri
Dewan Seri Negeri Entrance

For the audio solution, we proposed to use the powered speaker with new cabling to give the hall better sound coverage. A total of 8 cabinets will be installed all designed for a wide range of applications and with four active subwoofers. Although all these cabinets can be used without a processor, it is strongly recommended that the cabinet presets are applied for maximum optimization and performance. A new digital Mixer will be installed to replace the old one. Four wireless microphones with antenna sets will be installed in the new control room.

Update on the Dewan Seri Negeri Work Schedule

The current pandemic situation and the conflicts in Ukraine will have an impact on the work schedule. The manufacturer is facing a challenging and difficult time catching up with the production to effectively produce the product on time. The difficulty in raw materials and supply chain and logistics has made the delivery of the products challenging to maintain. This is not just affecting us but has become a worldwide problem. As the project is ongoing renovation work and due to complete before the end of 2022 we hope to be able to complete the installation by then.

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