For the Light and Sound System to work properly you need products to work with. Click below for more products categories information.

Lighting Control Desk

Manual/ Memory Lighting Desk, Programmable Lighting Desk, DMX Control Desk


Dimmer Pack, Digital Dimmer Rack, Plug-in Modular Dimmer Rack.


Profiles, Fresnel, Parcan, Cyclorama and spotlights

Architectural Dimming

Dimmer Rack, Control Panel, Time Clock, Partition Keyswitch

Moving Heads

All Moving Head range from Digital Moving Heads to 250W Moving Heads

Sound Mixer

Analog Mixer, Digital Mixer, Large Scale Format Mixing Console

Power Amplifier

Switching Power Amplifier, Normal Power Amplifier ranging from 300W to 2000W


From Fullrange to Subwoofers and Stage Monitor loudspeakers

Public Address

Pre-amplifier, Amplifier, paging microphone, ceiling speaker, horn speakers

Truss and Hoist

Self Climbing Hoist, Truss System and Chain Hoist