Installing LED Stage Light at KPKT Dewan Auditorium

KPKT or Kementerian Perumahan Dan Kerajaan Tempatan located in Putrajaya recently upgrade the LED stage lighting system at the Auditorium Dewan Kristal.

The existing system was installed in 2011 and it is high time to change the system and upgrade to LED stage lighting. We work closely with Media Lab Alliance the company who is entrusted to handle the AV upgrading at Hall. Artistic Controls handle the upgrading of the LED stage Light.

All existing traditional spotlight and dimmers were removed from the stage at the request of the project team. They were keen to embrace new LED technology and also keep everything streamlined and simple for every occasion. Since it was installed in 2011 the spotlight was using the tungsten lamp and par bulb. These luminaires will be upgraded to using LED par lights.

The existing dimmer rack was removed, and the rack was replaced with DMX distributor to ensure that the DMX signal will be reach the spotlight as it is no longer be using the dimmer to drive the fixtures.

1. Upgrading the LED Stage Light

KPKT LED Stage Light
KPKT LED Stage Light

For many years since the installation the hall has been relying on the PAR light for the event and function and it has been the standard for lighting nearly all types of venues. But it is high time to change.

The use of LED (light-emitting diode) technology has provided not only an ideal replacement for traditional PAR can light, but the technology offers a range of improvements that make LED lighting far superior. LED Stage Lighting does not use lamp.

There has been complained from the operator that they need to erect a scaffold to change the lamps. Now it is a thing of the past.

With all the PAR light on the stage replace with LED par it produces less heat to the performances. Traditional tungsten fixtures generate a significant amount of heat. This can make the people on stage uncomfortable and put additional strain on your air conditioning system. LED PAR produces less heat and can last longer.

2. Lighting Control Desk

Zero 88 Jester Lighting Control Desk (existing)

The lighting control desk Jester 24 was taken back to our workshop for servicing and upgrade with the latest operating software. Since the Jester has been discontinued by Zero 88 it is important to have the desk service and maintain regularly by the local appointed distributor.

Artistic Controls is the authorised distributor and service centre for Zero 88 in Malaysia as such we can repair and service the desk to ensure optimum performance. We can be reach within a phone call away.

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