Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin KUSZA New Public Address System

Kusza Trengganu
Kusza Trengganu

Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (KUSZA) in Kuala Trengganu has upgraded the Public Address System for the hostel with facilities to page the students from the main admin office. Previously it was difficult for the parent to locate the students as they don’t have the PA system.

Artistic Controls has the privilege to work with the local electrical contractor to supply and install the new Public Address System using the Amperes products. The system was quite simple as it consist of desktop paging and emergency paging routed to the mixer and to the amplifier before branching out to all the speaker at various hostel.

Since at KUSZA they have eight block of hostel need to run the underground cabling to connect the speaker in each block and yet able to produce eligible audio to be heard properly. The speakers have a mixed variable with ceiling speaker and box speaker both from Amperes brand.

The amplifier is 11 nos from Amperes PA3360 which is 360W Line power amplifier and we need high power for in case of drop in power for long cabling and distance. At the end of the loop of the speaker termination it will be loop for the beginning for the amplifier to ensure the first point and the last point will always has same SPL.

The source equipment is by Sherwood CD player and Tuner which will be used for the back ground music for the admin area only. For the back up battery we use 120AH SLA battery with Amperes Automatic battery charger to ensure continue of 30 mins usage in case of power failure. To Calculate Battery Back Up type we calculate the total power required over the time needed which in this case just 30 mins. Of course for longer hours than the battery bank will be more and the space need will be bigger for proper ventilation.