UM City Campus Kuala Lumpur

Supply Polaron Dimming System

UM City Campus Kuala LumpurThe University of Malaya City Campus is located at Jalan Tun Ismail, in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. It is an administration centre building consists of an auditorium, banquet hall, meeting room, seminars room and computer lab. The auditorium which has a capacity of 480 seating has recently upgraded the architectural dimming system.

Polaron Dimmer Rack Installed in UM City CampusAt that time the best option is to use Polaron Universal dimmer 4 channel dimmer rack and with 2 unit is enough to power all the auditorium lighting. Scene control is via 10 button control panel with one located at control room and another one located at back stage.

Programming was easy and it is done via the keypad without any need of laptop or computer. By pressing a few buttons on the control pane the program mode will be selected and scenes can be set at difference level before storing into the control panel.

The client chooses the 8 button control panel with raise/lower function. The panel was finished in aluminum finish to complement the surrounding wall. Overall all the installation was done by Jasa Integrasi and testing and commissioning was done by Artistic Controls Sdn Bhd.

UM City Campus Kuala Lumpur