UiTM UIC Auditorium Upgrade The Sound System

UiTM International Centre (UIC)
UiTM International Centre (UIC)

UiTM International Center (UIC) in Shah Alam recently upgraded the sound and projection system in their Multipurpose Hall in Bangunan Inovasi.

UIC offer courses for local students as well as foreign students in exchange program and undergraduate and postgraduate study. With international exposal the need to have a proper sound system is needed. According to Prof. Noraida the director of UIC, they wanted to have a sound and projection facility to cater for various student activities and function like seminar and examination. The system has to be robust and easy to use with clarity in term of sound production and video projection. Students will be able to express themselves here as different cultural will require different setup.

The awarded contractor has engaged Artistic Controls as their specialist sound contractor to undertake to implement the sound and projection system in this important venue.

The Multipurpose Hall has been beautifully done on the Interior design so we cannot afford to damage the interior during the installation. One of the problems is due to low level ceiling profile that mean only low profile speaker must be use here to match the overall layout.

Dynacord VL262 Loudspeaker at UiTM UiC
Dynacord VL262 Loudspeaker at UiTM UiC
UiTM UIC Multipurpose Hall
UiTM UIC Multipurpose Hall

To achieve that 4 x Dynacord VL262 Dual 6” Fullrange Loudspeaker is use here together with 2 x Dynacord Sub118 18” Subwoofer.  For the power amplifier three Dynacord LX1600 and one Dynacord LX3000 is use to match the loudspeaker system. Overall 90db to 123db SPL can be achieve depending on the set up.

Another important processor use is the Dynacord DSP244 which is an excellent Loudspeaker management for good sound system to the hall. Mixer is by Dynacord CMS1600 Compact Mixer.

With the hall size at 16m x 12m the need of two projectors and two motorized projection screen is use to project to the left and right side.  Sony VPL-FX40 is recommended as the image colour is quite natural according to UiTM.

Extron Crosspoint Matrix Switcher is use to distribution various signal like component signal RGBHV and Video Signal to the projector and AV wall panel.

UIC Sound Equipment Rack
UIC Sound Equipment Rack

All Audio Visual cabling work is done by using Belden speaker cable and Belden microphone cable and Belden RG59 coaxial cable.

When the staff of the UIC use for the first time during the function in the multipurpose hall they were impress with the sound clarity and evenly sound coverage throughout the seating area. This is one of the important criteria when design the any large or small venue is to have evenly sound coverage inside the venue as much as possible.

The projection is bright and nice to the eye even though without fully dimmed on the hall lighting.  The only missing a center projection screen and projector for front row audience as they cannot see clearly to either left or right screen. The problem is solved by using two LCD/plasma TV for the center audience normally seated by VIP people.

Overall the sound is good and once the news is out that the hall is ready to use the hall booking start coming in.

Main System installed:
1 x Dynacord CMS1600
4 x Dynacord VL262
2 x Dynacord SUB118
3 x Dynacord LX1600
1 x Dynacord LX3000
1 x Dynacord DSP244
4 x Sennheiser wireless microphone
2 x Sony VPL-FX40
2 x Draper Screen
1 x Extron Crosspoint