UiTM Stadium Upgraded Sound Reinforcement System

UiTM Stadium upgraded the sound system
UiTM Stadium Shah Alam upgraded the sound system

Most of the UiTM sport activities took in their own UiTM stadium at the Main Campus Shah Alam. This is where most of the state campus will come here complete in track and sport and sometime with interuniversity friendly sport events. With such an important venue there is the need to upgrade the sound reinforcement system to a better set.

In this installation for outdoor sound system the choice was Electro Voice loudspeaker system was use throughout the stadium. All the installation and commissioning was done by Imasistem.

For the main loudspeaker to the open space direction a totals of 12 units loudspeaker consists of Electro Voice FRX 15” Full range speaker and EV FRX-181 18” subwoofer was installed in two clusters. This will give enough coverage up to the other side of the field. For monitor speaker to the audience at gallery stand and lobby and entrance the EV SX500PI was installed. Note the speaker is PI model for outdoor where it can withstand moisture and heat but not directly under the sun.

All the speakers are powered by Dynacord high performance switching mode power amplifier. A few Eliminator monitor was used at the grand stage.

Allen & Health GL2200 Mixer
Allen & Health GL2200 Mixer installed in UiTM Stadium

An Allen & Health GL 24 channel Live Sound Mixer for FOH and audio patch panel was used to mix the audio and send to the entire speaker using sub master fader. An EV Loudspeaker controller is needed to give smooth transition of the sound to the speaker.

Main Equipment List for this installation:

  • Allen & Health GL2200-24 x 1 unit
  • EV FRX-940 PI x 6 units
  • EV FRX-181 x 6 units
  • EV Sx500PI x 10 units
  • EV Eliminator Monitor x 2 units
  • Dynacord L2400 x 4 units
  • Dynacord S900 x 1 unit
  • Tascam CD160 x 1 unit
  • Media APP4224S x 4 units
UiTM Stadium speaker installation
UiTM Stadium speaker installation view from grand stand