UiTM Dewan Seri Budiman Auditorium

Uitm Dewan Sri Budiman Auditorium
Uitm Dewan Sri Budiman Auditorium

UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman Auditorium is located in University Teknologi Mara or UiTM Main Campus in Shah Alam and is the only auditorium to cater for students function, annual convocation and as exhibition hall. It has been built and established since UiTM was build and it is time for the sound and light to be upgrade to reflect the university status that they obtained recently.

The project started by upgrading the stage curtain, stage lighting and rigging system using motorized lighting barrel. The design of the auditorium allows double volume height of the stage which allows the stage curtain to fly completely for clearance on the stage. The second phase was to install the sound system.

Stage Curtain and Stage Rigging

With the good depth of the stage we needed to install 3 sets of motorized center parting stage curtain for the front, mid and rear curtain and a large fly cyclorama at the back. All the motorized curtain and leg can by fly above the stage to clear the stage area. We are particular proud of this UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman auditorium design for we can add more detail with the wide space and height.

A total of 15 sets of motorized lighting barrel was installed using pulleys, counterweight and break motor system. Each of these is capable of 600 kg load which mean some of the bar was designated to be scenery bar for performances.

For the electrical cabling in the cable tray for the lighting barrel we use 12 core flat cable forms for flat and easy to managed installation.

Stage Lighting

UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman During Convocation
UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman During Convocation

The stage lighting had completely redesigned by introducing the 4 units ADB Eurorack 60 a 24 channels 3kW dimmer thus given them a 96 channels of lighting points terminated in CEE 16A socket outlet.  A new 400A ‘SL’ DB needed to power up the dimmer. The dmx controller was the ADB 96 manual and memory programmable control desk was in the control room.

A total of 55 units of ADB luminaries and some 70 units of 1kW Parcan has been purchased by UiTM for performances and production lighting. With good mix of 2kW and 1kW of profile, Fresnel and PC it will give the lighting crew the opportunity to create difference scene.

Sound System

The sound system requirement for the UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman hall require good loudspeakers for coverage since the hall is high and the ability to monitor the UiTM own orchestra musician microphone setting. With many different type of microphone on stage the sound feedback if happen must not be audible and signal to noise level for the overall system must be good.

For this the FOH speakers we offered the EV QRX 15” trapezoid loudspeaker with EV 18” QRX Subwoofer as the main speaker fly above the stage for optimum performance and coverage. To complement the power requirement we use EV (Electro Voice) to match the loudspeaker.

A Soundcraft Spirit 8 32 channel Live Sound Mixer for FOH and at the same it offer output for recording, fills speaker and output to UiTM broadcast team or outsider. A total of 54 microphone point on stage is hooked up to patch panel that split the signal to FOH and stage monitor mixer. The stage monitor mixer is by Yamaha 48 channel monitor mixer.

The feed from the sound mixer and audio signal has to send to the different part of the area like the Annex building and lobby and lecture hall to cater for overflow audience especially during the convocation where the parents and friends came in droves to watch the occasion. With this a audio and video distribution by Extron was needed and a good audio and video tie line was installed to all these area.