The Dance Stage Theatre Studio

The Dance Stage Studio School located at Connaught Ave Cheras is one of the emerging dance school for children years 4 to 14 who wanted to learning dancing and ballet. Founded by the school principal Ms Lovell Chia who are committed to providing the best international quality dance education and environment in Malaysia.

The Dance Stage Studio – testing light with the School Principal

With this concept the school transform one of the floor to become Theatre Studio complete with studio lighting, sound system, sprung flooring system for safe dancing, dance vinyl and seating area for audience viewing.

For the studio and stage lighting they decided to call Artistic Controls to supply and install and commissioning the Lighting System.

We build the lighting grid in the studio and complete with lighting points and DMX points. LED Fresnel and LED Parlight were supplied as the main performance lights.

Zero88 FLX S24 a 24 channel control desk will be use control the lighting. A DMX distributor is needed in this installation to ensure DMX signal is not lost if they decided to add more light scatters within the lighting grid.

The School Principal Ms Lovell Chia commented :

“Finally we have a dedicated studio where students can learn and perform confidently as they will be on the stage performing”

The instructor will be able to controls the lighting effects from a simple-to-use control desk to various lighting output. Overall the Theater Dance Studio was completed on time and the students eagerly wanting to try out the studio.

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