Taylor International School Puchong Multipurpose Hall

Taylor’s International School Puchong (TIS Puchong) is the second campus built in Puchong after the successful first campus in KL. The campus is purpose built and well design building with architect and great interior design that will make learning more effective. The school was designed to cater to local students in Puchong, but the education programme is based on an international standard curriculum.

Located at Bandar Bukit Puchong 2, the site has direct access to the Lebuhraya Damansara- Puchong (LDP) and is within easy reach of Subang Jaya, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya. The school facilities consist of a multipurpose hall, auditorium, gymnasium, sporting fields, basketball courts and swimming pool.

In this project Artistic Controls was awarded as direct contract to supply and install stage lighting, sound reinforcement system, projection system and stage curtain to the Multipurpose Hall. The venue is a large space with a hall dimension of 23m x 37m.

Taylor International School Puchong Multipurpose Hall
Taylor International School Puchong Multipurpose Hall

Stage Lighting

The stage lighting system consist of Zero 88 Jester control desk, Chilli 1210i dimmer and 6 x Profile spotlights, 12 x Par spotlight and cyclorama lights. The spotlights is mounted on motorised lighting bar which make it easier for the operator to rig the lighting based on the shows requirement.

The stage rigging system consist of 3 sets of 20m motorised lighting bar and one set of 20m scenery bar. We have to add secondary support in order to be able to mount this long lighting bar. Originally the main contractor has provided 2 nos of cross truss support but it is not enough so we added 3 nos of hollow bar clamp to the main roof truss and additional secondary support bar.

For  spotlights  rigging we use hook clamp and safety chain by Doughty Engineering UK.

Sound Reinforcement System

Yamaha Digital was recommended as part of the usage for this school. As more and more educational institution is moving to digital mixer a 32 channels LS9-32 was installed for the setting up.

Yamaha LS9-32
Yamaha LS9-32

The speakers is from 4 nos EV QRX 15″ a biamp full range loudspeaker system and 2 nos of EV QRX 18″Subwoofer. The power amplifier is from  the matching amplifier Dynacord SL1800 and SL900.

For the spill over and entracne zon speaker is by EV ZLX15 Loudspeaker. All microphone for Vocal and gooseneck mic we supply Shure and AKG. For the wireless microphone we install Sennheiser EW series.

Projection System

One of the school main projection brand widely use is Mitsubishi brand. Hence our supply for the multipurpose hall is Mitsubishi 8000 Ansi Lumens projector on the motorised projector lift. The projection screen is from Da lite a 5m x 4m screen size.

All the HDMI switcher and HDMI Extender and Distribution Amplifier is from Extron brand.

Stage Curtain

The main curtain FOH and Mid curtain is motorised curtain track system. The fabric is from JC Joel velvet NDFR 395gm2 velour in Damson color. The top masking border and two single masking legs also from the same color range.

All the drapes were sewn with 50% fullness, a standard chain-weight (Jack Chain) in the base to add weight and ensure that they hung as straight as possible and small tab hooks at the header to allow them to be easily attached to the curtain track.

Overall the system was completed on time and after successful handover a user operation training was given to the operator.

For more info about Taylor’s International School Puchong visit their website.

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