Sekolah Seni Malaysia Sarawak With ADB Liberty Lighting Console

Sekolah Seni Malaysia installed new ADB Liberty Lighting Console to the new auditorium and art theater.

Picture by Sekolah Seni Malaysia Kuching Sarawak FB

Sekolah Seni Malaysia Sarawak located in Kuching is one of the Art School build to cater for students to learn the basics of art education under the management of Visual Arts, Music Arts, Theater Arts and Dance Arts. Recently the auditorium has been installed with ADB Liberty Lighting Control Desk. The main ELV contractor is VSE Electrical Kuching who is responsible to supply and install the lighting and sound for the Auditorium and Art Theater.

The school decided to choose the ADB Lighting Control Desk is because of their experience in using the desk by one of the school lecturer. We think they make a good choice since ADB is well know in producing the Theater and Studio Lighting Control Desk for performance arts.

Training on how to use the ADB Liberty was carry out on July 2018. Overall it is the operator need to continue to have hands on the desk to familiarize with the functions.

Sekolah Seni Kuching Sarawak