Production Studio Kuching

The production studio in Kuching was set up and refurbish to be a production studio complete with green screen wall, studio lighting and broadcast equipment and camera. It will be manage by the Komunikasi Unit to run and produce the content here. At the time of writing there is no name given to the studio yet. It is located at The 381 Hub the new coworking building at 3rd floor 42 Vista Tunku Jalan Gersik Kuching.

The studio broadcast equipment was handle by Broadview Tech a broadcast company in Malaysia that specialist in broadcasting equipment.

Artistic Controls has the opportunity to work with Broadview to supply lighting control desk and commissioning the studio lighting system.

The studio has a dome above the ceiling slab since it is located at 3rd floor. This allow extra spaces to built rigging support above the ceiling and with fixed studio lighting grids to mount studio lighting. The installation was done locally using hollow bracket to mount to the structure beam. A square studio lighting pipe was mount below to be able to rig the spotlight.

The Studio Lighting is using Filmgear LED Panel and Filmgear LED Sport 300 Fresnel. Using TV clamp and TV spigot the spotlight was properly arrange to provide the best coverage.

Lighting Control Desk

Zero 88 FLX S24 is a perfect desk to control the studio lights since it can group as scene or as individual channel. The DMX output from the desk go to the DMX distributor before splitting the DMX channel to the lighting grid and on the wall for the lighting stand.

Zero88 FLX S24
Zero88 FLX S24

A user operation training was given on how to use and operated the lighting desk and studio lighting set up effectively. Overall the installation was done successfully and the team will be able to produce their first production when it is open.