Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Prince Hotel Kuala LumpurWe are fortunate to work with Cobrain Holdings to supply and install the full Audio Visual System and Architectural Dimming System for the Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Cobrain is the main M&E contractor for the whole building.

We started the project early and managed to commissioning and handover the system early 2004.

Architectural Dimming System
For the architectural dimming we supply Polaron Lightlink Millennium system using the 4 channel and 12 channel of 20A dimmer module. A total of 22 units were supplied to dim various areas like the Lobby, Chinese Restaurant, Coffee House, Bar Lounge, Main Entrance, and Japanese Restaurant. The control panel is an elegant 10 button push button type using 2 pair screen cable.

Polaron Lightlink Millennium Dimmer RackEven Polaron dimmer was installed at the Banquet Hall and Function Rooms.  Polaron dimmer were selected by the consultant as it offered  by-pass switch to manually by pass the dimmer to turn the light to 100% fullness in the even the dimmer fail to work.  This is the important features built in to the Polaron Dimming system.

Scene selection is achieved at the 10 button control panel via LED illuminated push button and each panel incorporates a miniature programming point to set and store the lighting level, scenes and fade time.

Ballroom Hall and Function Rooms
Prince Hotel BallroomThe Ballroom which is a 615 square meters with a ceiling height of 6 meter can accommodate up to 600 pax has the best Audio Visual system installed. The Audio Visual installation consists of Sound System, Projection System, Stage Lighting and the Architectural Dimming System.

The AV System is capable of handling performance shows, dinner and fashion show, seminar, speeches and rental out to public. With the two banquets hall which has individual sound system installed can also be combine as one big ballroom with main speaker system and portable speaker at the rear as options.

Sound Rack At Prince Hotel Control RoomFor the sound mixer we use Soundcraft Live4-32 a 32 channel mixer and Spirit LX-16 for the other hall and main speaker system is the Electro Voice Fri 152/64 and Fri-185 powered by Dynacord amplifier. A substantial quantity of high quality ceiling speaker using Soundolier FA138 was installed in the banquet hall.

For Projection System their preferences of using Sony VPL-FX50 XGA LCD projector with long throw lens proven to be excellent choices. The output from the 3500 Ansi Lumens projector provides bright and sharp images on the 18’ x 18’ Rolleramic screen.  The inputs selection is via Extron Crosspoint. The input source is either from visualizer, Video cassette recorder, DVD player and 3 CCD cameras.

Stage Lighting
The stage lighting system is a 24 channel lighting using a ADB Tango 24 channel programmable control desk and the luminaries consist of a total of 24 nos of condenser profile spotlight and PC and Parcan. The dimmer is a tyristor digital 24 x 3kW ADB Eurorack.

A tyristor digital dimmer is preferred type we can installed this at the control room and it will not interfere with the audio devices and it produce low noise and less interference to the sound system.

The lighting bar is a portable 5 m barrel where the consultant wanted it to be able to quickly dismantle when not in use or as not to cluster the ceiling above.  For this we use aluminum bar with socapex connector for flexible power cable and hang it to the ceiling using steel cable.