Politeknik Metro KL CeLT Green Screen Studio

Politeknik METro Kuala Lumpur (PMKL) based in Setiawangsa Kuala Lumpur offer education courses for higher education learning. To facilitate the training and teaching the e-learning center was setup to enhance the education at different level. With this the need to have studio equipment with green screen, studio lighting and video equipment is on their priority list.

With that is mind after a length full tendering exercise the company Multi Media Synergy Corporation Sdn Berhad (MMSC), a learning technology company, has been awarded to supply and install the studio equipment for the CeLT studio.

Lighting Pipe Grids

We provide the lighting grid for 20’ by 20’ coverage area and installed the electrical cabling work for about 32 points of dim and non-dim circuits. The dim circuit is from the Zero 88 Rack 6 dimmer pack rack up in the dimmer rack. As for the non-dim circuit it will be used to power up the compact fluorescent lights fixture.

Chromakey Green Wall

Part of the studio setup is to build a curve green wall instead of fabric curtain or fixed cloth. They have great knowledge on how to setup this type of studio and have engaged the specialize studio contractor to build and install the acoustic wall to the shape of the green screen studio.

We were quite surprise with the beautiful shape of a curve wall like a U shape curve at the turning angle from top to the floor and from wall to wall. This was done using gypsum board, rockwool and molding material to shape out the green wall.

Politeknik Metro KL Studio
Politeknik Metro KL Studio

The finish is done with chromakey green paint. These are manufactured to provide high luminance values and colour saturation for the keying effect. The effect is the same if use the chromakey wool serge.

With that setup done the internal filming will be done at the studio. But for the outdoor or different shooting location they need a portable green screen so that they can bring along with the camera. For that they choose the Cyclorama reflective Lite ring technology. The introduction of the patented technology by Reflecmedia has changed the way the producer thinks about and executes the chromakey production. The set is consisting of a chromate fabric and the litering sets.

The chromate is designed specifically for use as a background for chroma key production. This fabric is not the normal chroma key fabrics that are usually blue or green in colour. Chromatte is grey to the eye in ambient light but it contains millions of tiny glass beads that at as reflectors returning any light shone on them back to the camera.

The use of the litering is mounted in front of the camera shine the light to the chromate fabric and reflect the lights to the camera that see as blue or green background. With this technology the lighting can be of a minimum requirement.

Studio Lighting

For the studio lighting fixture consist of 6 nos of Dexel 4 banks compact fluorescent and 2 nos Dexel 2 banks fluorescent lights. The lighting is ideal softlight and base light with good efficiency and low amount of shadow produced.

The dimmer system is by Zero 88 Rack 6 dimmer pack. These are mounted in the dimmer rack.

The controller is Pilot 2000 by SGM which is enough to power up the lighting system and other lighting that is more to come.

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