PKK UKM Bangi Installed Cyclorama Curtain

UKM Cylorama and Black Curtain

Pusat Komunikasi Korporat or PKK at UKM Bangi which manages all communications like news portal and web content within the university community installed cyclorama curtain. They converted one of the rooms as studio complete with cyclorama curtain installed and it will be used for internal interview and news function.

The need to have a venue for news and interview section can be done quickly with this facility. In the future they can add chromakey curtain as digital screen for video editing.

The setting up of double curtain track with cyclorama curtain

The setting up and installation of the curtain track system is consisting of a double curtain track with each corner curve at 90 deg to allow the carriage runner to move along the track. The type of track can be done using extruded aluminium curtain track where the track runs around the entire perimeter of the studio.

But in UKM Bangi we use strong steel fabrication with tubular top hanger bar and rectangular section tube rails. It comes in modular track system and can be joint using blot and nut to form a longer track.

Curtain material is from JC Joels UK as they are proven to be reputable curtain manufacturer and supplier. The cyclorama is using the filled cloth type which is the industrial standard for cycloramas for TV film and theatre. Whereas the back curtain is the wool serge which heavier type and it is durable strong and with good acoustic properties.

The UKM News Portal can now provide coverage of the news of events or those arising from interviews at the studio or video shooting activities produce at UKM and uploaded on the Internet via the web portal.

Apart from that, PKK also coordinates the websites of the faculties, institutes and service centers throughout UKM. With their own news material, studio with cyclorama curtain and black curtain installed they are now a one stop communication center to publish their own news.