PinCer Green Screen Studio

Pincer Green Screen Studio
Pincer Green Screen Studio

PinCer stand for Perak Innovation and Creative Resource Centre is an ICT and Technology-based resources centre based in Ipoh Perak. One of the roles is to help to accelerating Perak ICT and readiness to engage in creative content and design. They have just completed the pincer green screen studio ready meant for shooting indoor for large production content.

Green Screen is a technique for mixing two images or frames together in which a colour from one images is removed (or made transparent), revealing another image behind it. This technique is also referred to as chroma keying, colour keying, colour-separation overlay, and blue screen studio. With the size of Green Screen Studio is about 40ft by 40ft by 30ft height a large scale visual effects can be created.

We have the opportunity to work with Swift Tech and Cantuman to deliver the studio lighting technology with installation of the studio. Surrounding the studio is large green screen with a curve wooden platform to create a smooth transition view from the camera. Then they erected a permanent truss system of 12m x 12m with a solid 200mm x 200mm pillar bolted to the floor.

The Studio Equipment

The studio lighting consist of Flimgear Fresnel 2kW and Filmgear Flo-box x 10nos. The rest of the fitting is from Kinoflo Image-85 and U-flo with about 50nos in total. As this is control by DMX signal we install quite a number DMX loop through box panel on the truss and floor. Controlling the fitting is by a Zero 88 Frog 48 channels lighting control desk which is capable of control up to 200 over fixture of DMX control fixture.

In fact the lighting consultant Jon Ramlan insists of using the Fresnel spotlight as backlight to create the proper colour temperature to the object with the rest of the fluorescent fitting as cyclorama and key light.

Training was provided to the Pincer staff and as they were saying if anyone wanted to rent the studio they are ready to operate it. For more information please visit