Mont’ Kiara International School Stage Curtain

Mont’ Kiara International School Dance Theater Dept recently refurbishes the theater with new stage curtain. The old curtain was too old and torn at the side with the color faded and dull prompted the school to upgrade to a new maroon color.

The front curtain is using JC Joel velvet traditional stage cotton velvet for front of house and the mid curtain and the side was replaced with black premier wool serge curtain.

JC Joel is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flame retardant fabrics like theater curtains, cyclorama canvases, stage backdrops and perimeter curtains for the entertainment and live event industries.

Mont Kiara Theater Hall
Mont Kiara Theater Hall

Maintaining Stage Curtain

The curtain comes with chain at the bottom and this help to straighten the curtain once it is hanged. After a few days of hanging from the curtain track the wrinkles as a result of folding during transportation will be gone. The chain will help to stretch the fabric which will eliminate most of the wrinkles.

For maintaining the curtain we advise the Mont’ Kiara International school maintenance dept to have the curtain brushed regularly to remove the accumulated dust. Removing dust helps to maintain the curtain and keep them looking shine. The dust has to be with soft bristles to help protect the fabric.

One of the tips we usually give is to have the curtain cleaned. Even though the stage curtains will look good with regular maintenance and dusting, there will be times that they need to be cleaned. As the supplied fabric is a non-durable flame retardant fabric, they’ll need to be cleaned by the professional to ensure that the flame retardant chemical or application is not damaged. If the flame retardant treatment is gone than it needs to be treated with flame retardant chemical for school safety purposes.

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