Menara TA One Auditorium Experience Better Sound with AD Speaker

Menara TA Auditorium
Menara TA Auditorium

Menara TA One building is located at Jalan P. Ramlee near KLCC and the auditorium at 10th Floor frequently use for TA Enterprise General Meeting, stock announcement, talks and sometime private musical function. They had to upgrade the sound system with proposer sound design. The existing speaker was bulky and lack of power with no even sound coverage though out the seating area. With lower ceiling level in the auditorium it was becoming difficult to choose the right speaker sets. The thought of putting the line array or normal full range speaker installation is out of the way and the only option is to use low profile speaker.

AD Speaker Installed in Menara TA Auditorium
AD Speaker Installed in Menara TA Auditorium

We convince the Menara TA to consider the Audience Delight AD speaker which is compact and has wider coverage angle and can be use where height is limited. We use 4 units 12” for FOH together with 15” subwoofer and 8 inches AD speaker for the rear and side coverage. The result is more solid on the mid and high and can have more bass when as in live music. A 4 channel amplifier 1300W from AD is enough to power up all the speakers with the help of the DBx driverack PA+ speaker processor.

The auditorium apart from the live speeches and presentation it was also use as church meeting on Sunday. With the musical team playing the live sound the speaker must be able to take that kind of instant music and bass. The dbx driverack exclusive Set Up Wizard we can easily set the cross over frequency with ease and then let the Auto Level Wizard fine tune the level settings of each speaker.

Menara TA Control Console - view to the stage
Menara TA Control Console

The mixer has to be the new 32 channels sound mixer Yamaha MG32/14 to mix various mic input from the live band and playback input. Even with that they still complain short of input channel to play with but at least it was better than the old model.

We also change all microphone and speaker cabling and using new Belden cable. A custom microphone junction box with Neutrik XLR female connector mounted on the wall for the right and left stage. The TA Enterprise decided to buy new Sennheiser microphone and Sanyo projector to replace the old set.

The main equipment list
1 x Yamaha MG32/14
4 x AD SP12 12” 500W speaker
2 x AD SP115B 700W subwoofer
4 x AD SP8 8” 250W speaker
1 x AD FCT5004 amplifier
1 x DBx Driverack PA