Large Cyclorama Cloth Installed At UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman

UiTM cyclorama cloth
UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman Cyclorama
UiTM Cyclorama side view
UiTM cyclorama front view

Recently Artistic Controls completed an installation of the replacing the cyclorama at UiTM Dewan Sri Budiman in Shah Alam. The size of the cyclorama is 16.5m x 7m and we supplied them the JC Joel Filled Cloth flame retardant fabric.

The old canvas was old and torn at the side and the color faded. Due to large size we ask the factory JC Joel to sew it complete with eyelets all round at their factory and send over here as a ready cloth. Part of the installation is to tie the cyclorama with string to the eyelets allows tensioning of the cyclorama to the fixed frames. This allow smooth flat surface of the cyclorama.

Since the cyclorama is used as a theatrical backdrop at the stage usually represents the sky or limitless space any seams will tend to disrupt the smooth surface. When not in use the whole cyclorama frames will be hoisted up to keep.