Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara upgrade Auditorium with LED Stage Lighting And Stage Curtain

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) located at Presint 2 Putrajaya upgraded its Auditorium with the LED Stage lights and Stage Curtain. The operator has invited Artistic Controls to provide a quote to upgrade their stage lighting system and stage curtain system and replaced some faulty sets as well.

Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Auditorium
New motorised projector lift was installed.

Apart from supplying and installing LED stage lighting and curtain we also provide one-time maintenance service to the overall system. The project includes servicing of motorised lighting barrel and rigging system, installing a new motorised projector lift, and replacing the lighting control desk with Zero 88 FLX S24 Lighting Control Desk. The stage curtain damaged track was replaced with a new track and motor and installed a new curtain. We also replaced the stage monitor speaker with powered Yamaha speaker. Existing sound system was serviced with one-time contract and no other works involved for the sound system.

The Auditorium stage lighting and stage curtain were in need of an upgrade. It was installed since it was built more than 18 years ago. Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara Putrajaya is a National Registration Department National Head Office in Putrajaya responsible for the registration of individual Identical cards (IC) and other personal documents.

LED Stage Lighting

We have replaced tungsten Par lights with LED Par lights. The front Strand lights have been retained as they are still functional. A new Zero 88 FLX S24 was installed as it offers flexibility in controlling LED lights and dimming.

Zero 88 FLX S24 Control Desk
Zero 88 FLX S24 installed at the control room.

Zero 88 FLX S24 is a perfect desk to control the studio lights since it can group as scene or as individual channels. A DMX distributor was installed to split the DMX signal to LED stage lights.

Stage Curtain And Track

We have installed a new motorised stage curtain track system for the front curtains to replace the damage track. The old track was damaged due to extensive force pull by faulty motor. These tracks are fixed to the rigging system that has the capacity to hold heavy weight of the fabric and allow smooth transitioning of curtain hooks. The new tracks is heavy duty type that help the life of the curtain fabric by putting less stress and stretch when the curtains open and close.

JC Joel black velvet curtain

JC Joel Curtain velvet Lyric was chosen to replace the old curtain. The fabric is from JC Joel velvet lyric FR 400gm2 in black color. The top masking border also from the same color range. All the drapes were sewn with 50% fullness, a standard chain-weight (Jack Chain) in the base to add weight and ensure that they hung as straight as possible and small tab hooks at the header to allow them to be easily attached to the curtain track

Motorized curtain tracks are automated systems that allow curtains to be opened or closed just with remote control panel. The motorised curtain track is a Bi Parting Curtain system consisting of motor, track, pulley, wire ropes and gear box.

A site inspection was done with the JKR to ensure all system was installed as per spec before handover. Finally, a full Zero 88 FLX control desk operation training was given to the operator and user.