Istana Budaya Lambang Sari

Istana Budaya Lambang Sari
Istana Budaya Lambang Sari At Near Completion

Working with Istana Budaya team to build the Istana Budaya Lambang Sari studio theater was an interesting experience.  The project was to convert the existing rehearsal stage to a fully functional studio theater complete with sound and lights, rigging and structure suspension steelwork support and acoustic treatment. The space was an existing dance floor with a size of 21m by 20m (about 410 sq meters) and with the height of 11m. Since this was the design and build we had to work closely with a few party like LSI and EVI and we also had to engage the lighting and sound consultant En Marzuki and Perunding Mazo as structure engineer for this job.

Istana Budaya Lambang Sari
Istana Budaya Lambang Sari (Picture courtesy from Istana Budaya website)

The studio once completed will have the performance stage in the center with a seating capacity of 280 persons at one time scattered into 3 side of the studio. It consist of complete sound and light system with 17 nos of double purchase counterweight lighting barrel and 5 motorised scenery bar with 5 sets of acoustic panel at the ceiling level that will be able to individual tilt the panel to create different acoustic experience for drama or singing performance.

Rigging Counterweight Double Purchase Installation
Lambang Sari Pulley and Motor Level

Rigging and Structure Suspension Steelwork
This is the most challenging work in our design and built for the Istana Budaya Lambang Sari was to build the rigging and suspension steelwork to support the control room, fly and loading gallery for the counterweight system, rigging and hanging acoustic panel.  According to the structure engineer the total allowable hanging weight on the slab cannot be more than 55 tons and we have to redesign the suspension steelwork a few times in order to comply with the allowable weight.

The final structure suspension consist of Control Room platform at 3.65m, Fly Gallery left and Right at 6.5m and Loading Gallery left and Right at 10m, crossover gallery at level 10.9m and massive pulleys system for the lighting barrel. No wielding done on the existing main ceiling slab and only using the girder and clamping method to hold the new suspension steelwork.

There are 17 sets of double purchase counterweight system with rated load of 500kgs and 1000kg weight slabs for balancing the load between the ladders fly beam and cradle.  On top of that 5 sets of motorised scenery bar and manually hand winch acoustic panel was installed at the ceiling level.

Lambang Sari Control Room
Lambang Sari Control Room

The control room consist of floating floor with sound insulation wall and ceiling using low density 50mm fiberglass and dry wall.

Production Lighting
The Istana Budaya Lambang Sari studio theater has a complete lighting design where it has production lighting for performances, working light for the crew and architectural lighting and down light for the audience. On the fly gallery level production junction box was installed and the spotlight can be hanged on the railing. Lighting also can be hook on the fly bar with the socapex breakout cable tapping on the junction box. The design of the production lighting has the same features as the Panggung Sari. This will enable the lighting crew to swap the control desk or the spotlights to create similar but smaller performance here.

ADB Eurorack 60 Installed At Istana Budaya Lambang Sari
ADB Eurorack 60 Installed At Istana Budaya Lambang Sari

The dimmer system is a 120 channels dimmer using ADB Eurorack 60. A total of 5 units were installed at the back room and we need to pulled 800A 3 phase incoming supply from the substation down below floor. Each of the outputs is terminated in the junction box with socapex and CEE 17 16A outlet.

ADB Phoenix 10XT 2048 channels lighting control desk was installed at the control room to interface with the dimmer rack and moving heads via the DMX distribution panel.

A mixture of ETC Par MCM and ADB Profiles and Fresnel and Martin moving head was installed at the gallery and lighting bar giving the performance stage a variety of lighting to setting.

Sound System
The sound system was designed together with adjustable acoustic panel to work as reflective sound from the top to create dynamic ambience especially in the small dram show. The performances can use their real voice without the use of microphone.  The acoustic treatment in the studio theater makes the sound more natural and since the stage is close to the audience.

The main sound system consist of 7 units of EV Xi1152 a 15” fullrange speaker with 2 units of EV QRX118 subwoofer.  The power amplifier by EV and the processor, graphic equalizer is by Klark Teknik. The choice of the sound mixer is none other than Midas Verona V480 a 48 channel Live mixer to give the more channel input and sub group to control the live performance and recoding.

Overall the installed and the design was well done and we have to thanks the Istana Budaya Technical team lead by Mohamad Azmi and the lighting crew for given their ideas and advise during the installation time. We Artistic Controls are proud to be associated with Istana Budaya Lambang Sari team. 

For more of the shows performance you can visit the Istana Budaya Lambang Sari website.