IPPTAR TV Studio Lighting and Self Climbing Hoist

Institut Penyiaran Dan Penerangan Tun Abdul Razak or IPPTAR is a government Institute National Broadcasting Training Center providing professional courses in the field of broadcasting to improve the performance of employees.

Located at Angkasapuri Complex in Kuala Lumpur and in line to digital broadcasting industry has recently called for a tender to upgrade their Studio A to convert the studio to a HD TV Production Broadcast Studio.

Artistic Controls has the privilege to work with main contractor Broadcast Synergy to supply and install Motorised Self Climbing Hoist, Motorised Scenery hoist, Curtain track system with cyclorama and chromakey canvas, Digital dimming system and Lighting Control Desk and complete studio lighting solution.

Self Climbing Hoist

The self climbing hoist and the scenery hoist is supply by ADB. With 28 nos of hoist installed we need to fabricated local custom secondary support at the grid level as part of stage engineering to allow these hoists to mount at the grid level.

All cabling and network cabling as part of structure network cabling must be complete first for the power supply, DMX cable, Intercom and STP Cat 6 cable.

Studio Lighting

Most of the studio Fresnel is from ARRI Lighting. The studio Lighting is Pole operated type come with 4 leaf adjustable barndoor. As part of HD TV Production, we also supply LED cyclorama and LED spotlights. provided as part of the HD lighting production as ADB LED cyclorama and LED wash light.

The ADB Eurodim digital dimmer was installed to replace the existing analogue dimmer. With the plugin dimmer module, a total of 128 channels digital dimming is distribute to the studio lighting hoist and wall mounted panel.

As the DMX system is major work, we have to add a number of DMX splitter and DMX merger to ensure that DMX signal protocol is adhere to.

ADB Freedom 240 channel was supplied as it allows 4 DMX output to communicate with dimmer and DMX splitter.

Cyclorama and Chromakey Curtain

For the cyclorama triple curtain track we supply aluminium track from Teycorig. It come prefabricated with corner and all we have to is to add custom made wall mounted bracket to hold the track.

The cyclorama canvas and chromakey curtain was provided by JC Joel UK. Artistic Controls is the distributor for the JC Joel in Malaysia and we provide complete curtain sewing as well directly from UK facilities.

Electrical DB

The studio lighting and the hoist system requires a new electrical power distribution to power up the hoist and the dimmers. A separate Electrical DB was fabricated consist of Dimmer DB, Non dim DB and Hoist DB. An AVR and TVSS set was installed to ensure power stability when in use.

As most of the equipment supply is from ADB as part of the training program the operational training was conducted by ADB engineer Mr Gilles who specially come down to teach the IPPTAR operator on how to properly use the equipment.

Overall the install was done according to IPPTAR standard and specification and IPPTAR was very happy with installation.

Link: http://www.ipptar.gov.my/