Future University Sudan Upgraded their Stage Lighting System

Future University Sudan
Future University Sudan

The Future University FU (formerly known as Computer Man College or CMC) in Khartoum Sudan recently obtain the status of the university. With this new status they very active and well known internationally. They are the prime source of skilled computer scientists and information technologists and are one of the prestigious Universities in Khartoum that offer ICT and Multimedia course to the local Sudanese as well as international students. They partners well with Malaysia educational institution like Lim Kok Wing and Multimedia University Malaysia.

Dr Abubaker Mustafa the Chairman and the founder of the Future University has asked Artistic Controls to provide stage lighting design and implement a suitable system in the current outdoor auditorium. This is in line with the modern university building model which they are going to build in to their existing building with top and modern facility.

The Future University technician installing stage lighting under the hot sun
The Future University technician installing the stage lighting

A simple all parcans design for the outdoor installation and some Fresnel spotlight and cyclorama and 575w moving heads on the inside stage was designed and installed. These are rig in the outdoor trusses. Knowing that Khartoum Sudan is hot and dusty for 8 months throughout the year the parcans will last longer in this condition. A followspot was installed to add the addition lighting for the stage.

All these are control by Zero 88 dimmer and Zero 88 Jester ML that capable to control moving light. Artistic Controls give an intensive training on how to use the desk for their upcoming university function coming soon.

After the training and installation the technical team is so happy with the new system and they say these may be one of the best in Sudan. They will have to take time to learn more all the features from control desk and they just like it.

Future University Sudan