Full Studio Lighting Installed At eRama iPTV Studio

eRama Studio Lighting
eRama Studio Lighting

With the need to live streaming of the music and video online via Internet Protocol TV or iPTV eRama Creative has setup a new recording studio at Villa Putra and it is fully equipped with camera, broadcast equipment, green screen and studio lighting for the purpose of creating their own live music content and music activities shooting.

The iPTV type of studio setup has started to gain popularities as more private TV and government media wanted to ways to produce content and edit then live streaming these information real-time via internet to computer and mobile device like smart phone.

The Studio

The size of the proposed studio is about 7m x 8m. For a green screen design available in different wall overlapping double curtain track was installed all round. With this design they can easily setup 3 types of show like the entertainment news, live band production and interview corner. Here the JC Joel chromakey green fabric and black wool serge curtain is installed and with runner can be move around the track.

Fixed lighting barrel with lighting track is installed to facilitate the hanging of the spotlight. A total of 48 nos lighting circuit installed throughout the studio to provide power to the dim and non-dim spotlight. Each of these is terminated with CEE socket outlet.

The Studio Lighting

eRama Control Room

The studio lighting consists of 28 nos of 4 x 55W Fluorescent studio lighting with day light tube to light up the studio. The type supply is Pole Operated which means the operator can tilt and pan the lighting via a lighting pole. Colour Filter CTB and CTO type is use to convert tungsten colour to daylight and the day light colour temperature to tungsten colour temperature.

For the back light a few 1kW Fresnel and 300W Fresnel was supplied to work together with the fluorescent light. Using the compact fluorescent lighting has the advantage as it does not provide too much heat and does not need dimmer circuit. It can dim via DMX cable connected to all the light fittings.

Hence the dimmer installed is only 12 channel even though this is a mid-size studio. The dimmer and the light fitting is control by the Zero 88 Jester 24/48 48 channel lighting control desk. With a DMX distribution unit installed which is able to send various DMX signal at different point in the studio.

The new studio is part of eRama tv to provide content in term of premium music and video entertainment for download and for mobile media viewing.