Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UPM Serdang

Falkuti Perubatan Veterinar Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Serdang
Falkuti Perubatan Veterinar Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Serdang

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Serdang has just opened the new Building in Serdang. With the three main blocks that is Hospital Block, Academic Block, Necropsy Block it shall be able to produce excellent Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduates. A complete PA system and Sound System was installed to enable the complex function as a unit.

The Public Address System
Amperes PA System was used in all the 3 blocks with ability to do normal paging, emergency paging and play the back ground music (BGM). The complex is large and about 650 nos of ceiling speaker and 200 volume controls was installed in order to cover the area and that is most public area and office area.

The amplifier has to be quite a number in order to power up the ceiling speaker. Each of the ceiling speakers is tap at 1 watt for lower level ceiling and a 3 watts tap for the higher ceiling. This is to ensure the sound reach to the ear is on even coverage. But then if the system were to redesign again we would incorporate in the equipment rack the additional volume control for the different ceiling level. A 3 watts tapping for the ceiling speaker is quite loud if the level is not proportionate with the lower level ceiling. Even though we used a 12 zone selector but some of the zone area consist of lower ceiling level and higher ceiling level.

Overall the paging sound is good and coverage is acceptable.

UPM Veterinary Serdang Auditorium
UPM Veterinary Serdang Auditorium

The Auditorium

The size of the Auditorium is about 26m by 21m has the capacity of 240 seats were equipped with Stage Lighting System, Sound System and Projection System. The Stage Lighting consists of aLDR Lighting, Zero 88 Dimmer and Lighting Control Desk. The spotlight is mostly 1000W profile and Fresnel enough to light up the stage.

The sound is consisting of FOH of house speaker support by the high quality ceiling speaker. The Loudspeaker and ceiling is from EV Klub and powered by the EV Klub amplifier. Using the equalizer and compressor limiter is enough to protect the speaker and equalizer the house eq. Yamaha MG24 was installed in the control room.

Since the auditorium is quite big a 6500 Ansi Lumen Sanyo projector was installed to produce a 16’ by 16’ screen image on the Rolleramic motorized screen. All switching and distribution of video and VGA signal was using the Extron brand.

The sound system consist or Yamaha mixer with AD Audience Design Loudspeaker.

Summary of Main System installed in Veterinary UPM:
Amperes Public Address System
Zero 88 Stage Lighting System
EV Klub Sound System
Sanyo Projection System
Draper Motorised Screen

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UPM Serdang