Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan (BTP) Studio 2 Installed ADB Eurodim Dimmer Rack

ADB Mentor Control Desk at BTP

Artistic Controls work with Senitek  to supply and install ADB Eurodim Twin Tech  Dimmer Rack and ADB Mentor control desk to replace the existing dimmer sets which have serve the BTP for the past 15 years.

The whole turnkey project was awarded to Leadcom by Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan as part of their upgrading the studio to Digital High Definition (HD) TV Studio Production Facilities. As part of the contract they supply and install digital camera and backend equipment to make it a full Digital Studio.

ADB Eurodim Twin Tech at BTP Studio 2
ADB Eurodim Twin Tech at BTP Studio 2

In this installation we have to dismantle the existing dimmer and reinstalled with ADB Eurodim Twin Tech with 30 modules of 4 channels of 3kW thyristors plugin dimmer and making it a full 120 channels dimmer 3kW. We also replaced the incoming supply and distribution MCB to suit the current usage.

EURODIM Twin Tech is a high-density dimmer rack with all digital, plug-in dimmer modules for professional theater and television installations. It allows a
free mix of sine-wave and thyristor technologies, and dimmer ratings. The ultimate for accurate, stable and reliable performance, combined with comprehensive remote programming and diagnostics functions.

As part of the digital studio they also purchase some cool light to work with the existing Fresnel and other spotlight. ADB softlux fluorescent cool light 4 tubes and 6 tube of 55w make the popular choice.

During the training it was straight forward and fun learning as the BTP staff has good knowledge about lighting and control desk features and they have been using it every day since the commissioning was done.