ASWARA Theater Upgrade Self Climbing Hoist And Digital Dimmer System

Akademi Seni Budaya Dan Warisan Kebangsaan (ASWARA) was setup in 2006 to provide high teaching in the field of arts and culture learning. The very long established Experimental Theater (ET) since Akademi Seni Kebangsaan has upgraded the theater to include Digital Dimming System, Stage Lighting, Rigging and Self Climbing Hoist System and Sound System.

The Digital Dimmer System and Self Climbing Hoist was supply and installed by Artistic Controls. The rest of the system was handle by the main contractor Prihatin Binaan.

The Self Climbing Hoist is Teyco Rig HFU100 26 nos and control by Teyco Rig Manual Hoist Control Panel. The Dimmer System is from ADB Eurodim Twintech Cabinet for 128 dimmer channel.