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Alice Smith School Hall
Alice Smith School Hall – From Alice Smith website

The Alice Smith School Primary Campus Jalan Bellamy is a primary school in KL has undergone a number of refurbishments to the school and facilities to make it a modern, spacious and flexible center of learning with plenty of green and open space for play and the facilities and resources required for an outstanding international education.

One of the refurbishment project is interior design works, new air condition and audio visual upgrade to the school hall. The hall has been used by the school extensively for many years and it is time to renovate the hall ready for new intake.

Artistic Controls has the privilege to work with the school as Audio Visual Specialist to provide acoustic installation, stage curtain and Audio Visual equipment. We had worked with them on the Gym Hall Rigging System and LED Stage Light project and now we are happy to be selected again as preferred System Installer for the school hall.

Since the hall is used for school events and as space for the student learning we decided to install four new loudspeaker as the FOH speaker using Yamaha DSR15 the 15″ 700W powered loudspeaker. New speaker cabling and audio microphone were installed.

New FOH motorised lighting barrel with cabling and lighting points and DMX points were installed. LED spotlight and moving head can now be put up easily by the operator.

Acoustic Paneling

For the acoustic treatment to the existing wall we supply and install acoustic wall paneling using rockwool and custom made paneling to existing wall up to ceiling level including all necessary fittings to entire wall area and operable partition.

Since the operable partition has used for more than 10 years it is time to be replace with new set. For this we used Mega Fold Acoustic Operable Wall.

Lastly we replaced aged stage curtain with new curtain by JC Joel flame retardant fabrics material for the stage and side doors.

Overall the installation was completed on time and the school principal was impressed with the finishes of the acoustic panel. They also polish the floor and vanish to make it looks new. The result was a remarkable and has quickly become a heavily used facility, both for school events and musical teaching.

System Installation

  • New Motorised Lighting Bar and LED Lighting
  • New FOH Loudspeaker and Audio System
  • Acoustic Treatment to the hall
  • Upgrade Stage Curtain

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